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Main Auditorium
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Agile Track
Training Room
09.00Conference Start
Introduction: Paul Grenyer
“Being a #TechNation Cluster - how we got here and what it means.” by Huw Sayer
MS Society
09.30Keynote: Developing passion, in many senses
Jon Skeet
10.30Tea Break
10.45Understanding cloud, big data, mobile and security
Colin Mower
Rainbird - Fun and games with Docker
Dom Davis
Selling a promise
Burkhard Kloss
Continuous Inspection
Jason Gorman
Building learning into team life
Rachel Davies
11.30Web vs native: where are we now?
Ruth John
A tale of two codes
Richard Astbury / Anders Fisher
The Mind Shift to Enterprise Mobile
Rodric Yates
What is this agile?
Allan Kelly
13.30C# 6 - the future is (nearly) here!
Jon Skeet
Chucking it over the fence
John Skinner
How to get the best from developers when you haven't got a clue
Ali Clabburn
Rainbird - Build Smarter Systems with Rainbird
Dom Davis
This is Agile?
Letitia Fearon
14.15Design: a tricky business
Hannah Tometzki
Reinvigorating the High Street
Neil Garner
So long and thanks for all the tests
Seb Rose
15.00Tea Break
15.15The rationale for continuous delivery
David Farley
Rapid Product Design in the Wild
Michele Ide-Smith
Connecting code with customers
Peter White
Continuous Integration and Deployment with AWS
Ian Massingham
The ups and downs of agile as a small agency
Lily Dart
16.00Seven Ineffective Coding Habits of Many Programmers
Kevlin Henney
Distributed reactive systems
Jan Machacek
How Raspberry Pi Funds Itself
Ben Nuttall
Lies, damn lies and estimates
Seb Rose
16.45Tea Break
17.00Elite Sponsors Presentation: Embracing technology for competitive advantage
Will Farnell
17.30Closing keynote: Agile apocrypha and an ad-hoc manifesto
Harry Harrold & Rupert Redington
18.00Conference End & Kurasie Wine Reception
19.00Conference Dinner